Monday, February 17, 2014

what Does A Funny Doormat Say About A Family?

I believe that you can judge a lot regarding a person from their Funny Doormat. If you think about it, it makes a lot of common sense. The Funny Doormat is one of the first think as they think about whats inside the house. So if we solely take the calculated notice to the details of the funny doormat, we may possibly gather a great deal about the person who is welcoming us into their house. So at this point in my version of the connection between home owner and the funny doormat that sits outside their Front Door.

The main individual is the funny doormat jokester. This is the person whose entrance mat tries to amuse you equally you pass the time to befall welcomed inside. The funny and to some extent inappropriate mat is meant to set the guests at ease and consent to them know with the intention of they are going to take part in a good time all through their visit. This doormat could say something like, Only the Best Wine Served Here... What did You Bring or Dude Off My Porch .

Another funny doormat owner is the somewhat nasty rebel. This is commonly a male, but not every time. This person is saying, Hey you, this is who I am and I do not think about if you like me! Very self self-confident, this home owner is comfortable inside his own skin. Unfortunately, his message could scare a number of people away, which could be his ultimate goal. His doormat might say this Go Away!or WTF You Again! Or Get Lost Hippie!

This next entrance mat owner we have all met, the pet enthusiast. This person spends the majority of her life covered in animal hair, and shares funny puppy stories while everybody else is telling baby story. She is cute and loving, but her mat is warning you with the aim of you possibly will leave a little furrier than you arrived. Her mat could say this, Wipe your paws.

Next we have the very serious home owner. This person ordinarily has the impeccably manicured lawn and the his and hers SUV's sitting in the driveway. The entrance mat offers no amusing or witty statements, no cutesy pictures or obnoxious obscenities. It ordinarily has solitary word symmetrically placed in the center of the mat "Welcome" otherwise if they are a bit bolder, it might bear their last name "Jones." This tailored doormat tells us that these home owners keep a nice, tidy house with very insignificant clutter. It also quietly wishes that you keep your children under control, so that nothing gets broken.

The last entrance mat owner is the non entrance mat owner. There is no mat at this house. I've been thinking about what message this house owner is trying to convey. I maintain two theories. One explanation is with the intention of the inside of this household is a catastrophe already, so a a small amount extra dirt brought in by visitors is not going to make any difference. The other explanation is that this house owner is saying you are NOT welcome here.

So the next time you ring the doorbell at someone's house, take a minute and look down at what's under your feet. And consider, what the Funny Doormat is trying to convey to you.

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